Get Involved

Fresh Ideas. Smart Leadership.

The next city councillor for Ward 5 will need to have a solid plan for the next four years -- here's how I'm going to accomplish what I've set out in my platform.

Our city needs leadership that sparks ideas in people. That inspires them to enact change in their own communities. Leadership that makes informed decisions. That helps make their community a better place to live.

I have a fresh vision that reflects the priorities and concerns of our changing city. Edmonton has become a place that represents opportunity; I’m running because I want to help create the kind of city that empowers others contribute to their community.

As a business owner, an educator, a journalist and through my work in government and politics, I have committed myself to public service and passionately being a champion for smart community building. I have years of experience advocating for communities without a voice, ensuring big government listens to them.

As an educator, I advocated for underprivileged college students who were looking to build up their own neighbourhoods. I worked hard to foster fresh ideas among a new generation and empowered change-makers to be leaders in their own community.

I look forward to meeting you and talking about what you want to see in Ward 5 and our city.


"I have known Sarah for a few years and I have always known her to be passionate and dedicated to ensuring that Edmontonians have a voice in their government. She shows strong leadership by bringing everyone to the table to build our city and is accountable to her commitment. She is a much needed force on city council." 

Barbara Fung, Ward 5 resident, community volunteer, Board member of the Chinese Benevolent Association

Stephen Mandel, Ward 5 Resident, Lifelong Friend, Former Mayor


Jude De Almeida, Ward 5 Resident, Lifelong Friend


Michael Oshry, Ward 5 Resident, Current Ward 5 Councillor