My Vision

Ward 5 is our home and I’m committed to continue building our diverse, vibrant community, ensuring it is one of the best places to work, live and play in Edmonton.

From Laurier Heights to Jamieson Place to The Hamptons, our neighbourhoods are our strength and need to be celebrated and supported.

My Vision for Edmonton and Ward 5

Taxation and Accountability: Maintaining infrastructure and providing the essential services Edmontonians need is crucial, but so is ensuring our city remains an affordable place to live. I will ensure we find proven value for every tax dollar spent and being accountable to residents with how we spend it.

Community Safety: Our city is growing, and safety in our communities is important. EPS is doing a great job keeping our communities safe, but we need more police officers to keep up with this growth. Whether it’s speeding, property crime, or worse, community policing is essential to safety and I will continue to fight for that.

Transportation: It’s essential that we have a transit system that doesn’t leave people behind. The West End LRT has been approved, but how it is built will define how we experience Ward 5 for years to come. We must ensure it is built as an asset to our neighbourhoods, not a liability. This means council needs all the relevant information in front of them when they make decisions. This means building the system on time and on budget. It means administration must work out the issues with the current LRT system. And it also means no seven-minute left turns!

Infill: Our current infill policy pits neighbour against neighbour. We need stronger regulations on infill that is getting built and a better consultation process with communities. I will focus development along more high-traffic areas, where it’s needed most. We also need to make sure our mature trees continue to thrive.

Recreation and Leisure: Being able to spend more time in our own communities is essential to having strong and safe neighbourhoods. To get the West End Recreation Centre built in a respectable timeframe, you need a strong, experienced voice to work with administration. Let’s get smart about how we build facilities, and incorporate our services all in the same hub to ensure strong sustainable communities. My experience working with the government ensures I have the know-how to navigate different levels of government and access funding, while ensuring timely construction.  Let’s work to preserve our river valley and its rich history, while creating options for enjoying the parkland.

Art and Design: Edmonton is a beautiful city -- let’s build it that way. I want to see stronger design protocols, from our skyscrapers to infill housing to our boulevards and berms. In my first term on council, I will put forward an initiative to Design Edmonton, to bring together architects, planners, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and artists and build a policy around our city’s appearance.